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Thurmond Consulting excels in partnering with organizations to achieve their goals and objectives through a spectrum of comprehensive development services.

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Thurmond Consulting stands out through effective collaboration with organizations, supporting them in attaining their goals and objectives with a diverse range of comprehensive development services. Our suite of offerings comprises:

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Affordable Housing Grant Writing (HCD, TCAC, HUD)

Thurmond Consulting specializes in Affordable Housing Grant Writing services, offering expertise in navigating the intricate landscape of funding opportunities from key agencies such as the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD), the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee (TCAC), and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and more. Our seasoned team of grant writing professionals works closely with clients to develop compelling grant proposals that align with program priorities, demonstrate project feasibility, and maximize funding potential.

From conducting thorough needs assessments to crafting persuasive narratives and assembling comprehensive application packages, we are dedicated to helping our clients secure the financial resources needed to bring affordable housing projects to fruition. With a proven track record of success and a commitment to excellence, Thurmond Consulting stands ready to support organizations in their mission to address housing needs and build vibrant, inclusive communities.

Project Conceptualization

Thurmond Consulting provides tailored Project Conceptualization services to bring ideas to life. Our expert team collaborates closely with clients, conducting feasibility studies, defining scopes, and identifying funding sources. From affordable housing to community facilities, we turn concepts into actionable plans for impactful projects.

Construction & Project Management

Thurmond Consulting has extensive experience of constructing projects from the ground up in Affordable Housing. Our team has the capacity to offer a hybrid of onsite and offsite services based on the management needs of various projects.

Thurmond Consulting offers comprehensive Construction Management services to ensure the successful execution of projects from inception to completion. Our experienced team oversees all aspects of construction, including budgeting, scheduling, quality control, and contractor coordination. With a focus on efficiency, transparency, and quality, we work closely with clients and stakeholders to deliver projects on time, within budget, and to the highest standards of quality and safety.

From small-scale renovations and rural projects to larger-scale urban developments, Thurmond Consulting is committed to providing expert construction management services that meet the unique needs of each project and exceed client expectations.

Funding Compliance

Thurmond Consulting offers expert Funding Compliance services to ensure organizations meet regulatory requirements for their projects. Our dedicated team provides oversight and guidance to maintain transparency and accountability in fund usage. We help clients navigate complex regulations, mitigate risks, and maximize the impact of funding resources.