Thurmond Consulting LLC, has professional experience in the grant writing industry and has served thousands of grantees from all over the country. We have initiated trainings for, fostered the 

development, and honed the specialization of our teams to produce the most fitting and effective proposals that will gain the approval of funders. Our writers are equipped with all the needed skills to dig deep into every project and apply what they have learned in producing exceptional funding applications. We believe our clients deserve more than the ordinary. That is why we give you the satisfaction you truly deserve.

Managing Consultant: D. Scott Thurmond

Consulting Staff: Amy Wyatt, Sergei Shkurkin, Carol Rosset, Carol Souza-Cole, Isaiah Rich-Wimmer and Louise Collis, Amara Pickens, Pamela Givans

Administrative Staff: Shabana Sarwar, Hiromi Aw

Maintenance: Jesse Mendoza